Jonathan Lawrence picked up a movie camera at the impressionable age of eight, and he hasn't put it down since.


As an accomplished director, producer, writer, cinematographer and editor, he has been leading the way in digital cinema from its inception; contributing on countless projects from music videos and documentaries to commercials and independent features. As a result of these years of experience, Jonathan has become one of today’s premiere visual stylists. An award-winning communicator in images and emotions, Jonathan's instinct and technical expertise combine to create powerful, kinetic imagery and seamless storytelling in notably unique and riveting compositions that serve a purpose.


Lawrence's impressive work has inspired high praise and rave reviews:


“His visual style and production value continuously astound me.”

~Frank Antonelli, writer / producer


“Thanks to Jonathan, many of the shows we’ve done together have been award-winners.”

~Judson Jackson, producer


“Jonathan can take the most common material and make it extraordinary. No matter what the story or budget is he manages to walk the tightrope.”

~Mark Byers, writer/director/producer


Jonathan Lawrence has even been called upon to 'ghost' design shot sequences for film and television shows when they need a little extra chrome.


Jonathan’s reputation as a passionate storyteller and dedicated craftsman has taken him around the world to direct or shoot both features and documentaries in India, Denmark, Scotland, London, Japan and the Galapagos Islands. Since returning from China (where he directed the biggest Chinese/American co-production of an epic, special effects film, ever produced there) he has been sought after to educate producers on international film-making.


Ever dedicated to the positive advancement and healthy growth of the motion picture industry, Jonathan devotes what little free time he has to mentoring new storytellers and helping them realize their voice. Over the past few years, he has also made a conscious effort to focus on projects that challenge him personally, spiritually, and artistically.


Recently, Lawrence signed another contract to direct two more international co-productions – a live action suspense/thriller and an animated feature based on the classic story of Treasure Island.


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